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Rent Guarantee System《MY GUARD》

【MY GUARD】 offers a wide range of options such as monthly payment, livelihood protection plan and student plan. Please contact us for the details.

Simple, Safe, Speedy Procedure for Contract


  • Get the application form from real estate agents and fax it via them.
  • Screening takes only around 30 minutes. The results are faxed to the real estate agents.
  • Conclude the contract by filling out the form of counter-indemnity and paying the guarantee charge.
  • Complete the entire contract procedure including lease agreement and initial payment.

You can fill out our application form at real estate agents. Upon receiving the form by fax, we conduct screening and send back the results in around 30 minutes. After receiving the results, all you have to do is fill out the form of counter-indemnity and pay the guarantee charge (please note that we may decline your application depending on the results of screening).

Our Services Cover:

・Subrogated payment of unpaid rent
・Collection of unpaid rent
・Compensation for legal fees
・Compensation for cost of removing furniture and appliances left behind
・Compensation for reinstatement cost
・Compensation for damage caused by delayed move-out letters
・Subrogated payment of penalty for premature contract termination