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What is Ark Rent Guarantee?

Find out what it covers.

  • Subrogated payment of unpaid rent
  • Collection of unpaid rent
  • Compensation for legal fees
  • Compensation for cost of removing furniture and appliances left behind
  • Compensation for reinstatement cost
  • Compensation for damage caused by delayed move-out letters
  • Subrogated payment of penalty for premature contract termination

Our Services Fully Cover:

Features of Our Rent Guarantee System

We subrogate the payment of unpaid rent within 3 business days, boasting the quickest treatment in our industry, to secure landlord's financial plans.

You will get free from troublesome rent collection.

For tenants with rent arrears, we either contact or visit them to collect the unpaid rent on behalf of landlords.

We compensate for reinstatement cost.

If tenants fail to pay for reinstatement when they move out, we will subrogate the payment (up to 3 months' rent for residential rentals and 1 months' rent for business rentals).

You can advertise as "rentals without deposit".

You can advertise as "rentals without deposit". For rentals with long-term arrears, we will negotiate for removal and compensate for legal fees and reinstatement cost, thus enabling landlords to advertise as "rentals without deposit".

Real estate agents can increase income.

We pay commission to real estate agents for concluding the rent guarantee agreement. Get an additional channel for income other than brokerage.

Our locally stationed personnel support you.

We have established a base in each operational area, where our personnel is stationed to closely support tenants, landlords and real estate agents.