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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As we regard your information collected and acquired through our business as highly important, we comply with the related laws and regulations to protect your personal information. We construct and operate in-house regulations to properly manage your information according to business needs and strive to protect your personal information.

1、Collection, registration and use of personal information

Except for information that is open to public, we collect your information through our specific application forms either in writing or digitally, on the basis that we clarify the purpose of use and obtain your consent in advance. We never collect or use your information by other illegal means.

2、Purpose of use of personal information

We use your information to provide our rent guarantee services based on the form of counter-indemnity and to carry out operations incidental to these services, as well as to provide information on other various related services. In the event that we need to use your information for other purposes which you have not agreed, we will inform you of it.

3、Provision of personal information for third parties

We never provide, disclose, share or sell your information to third parties unless we have obtained your consent or intend to outsource our business to other companies.

4、Management of personal information

We strictly manage your information under our in-house regulations and take safety measures to protect it from illegal access, loss, damage, falsification and leakage.

5、Provision of personal information for credit bureaus

To make appropriate credit decision, we provide your information for our partner credit bureau or its affiliated credit bureaus.

6、Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

In the event that you request us to disclose your information we hold, we disclose it based on the procedure we specify. In case you find inaccuracy or falseness in the disclosed information, we will promptly correct or delete it.

We comply with the related regulations other norms and strive to improve our efforts toward protecting your personal information.

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